The Coldest Summer In San Francisco: Intro

By Danny Sellers

If this is too deep for the intro, I’m sure I’ll find another use. Today, December 30th marks my one year in San Francisco, California. (FYI, life comes at you fast). I moved to San Francisco from Charlotte North Carolina. I had only been to the state of California one time before in my whole life, By way of LA.

I was (pick one: crazy, fearless, stupid, confident) enough to accept a job in the most expensive city in America with little to no money AND knowing nobody in the city. The Coldest Summer Ever is a series I wanted to write about my experience in the Golden State.

I booked my one way ticket and never looked back. I don’t think I really understood what I was doing until I got on the plane and had to put my tray table back up because we were preparing to land. As I sat in my economy seat, knees cramped I had a rush of emotions. So much so that I had to write them down before I mentally vomited. I forgot I wrote this stream of consciousness down until a few weeks ago when I was going through my phone. I’m happy I did and wanted to share with you all a raw but cool moment.

I’m landing in San Francisco on a one way ticket. This feeling I’m feeling is indescribable. This that same feeling of my first day of school.

The same feeling in the locker room during my first college football game. The same feeling I had May 26th 2014.

This feeling is what makes or breaks me.

Unsure what I need to do.

My card might even get declined to get this rental car.

But what I do know is. I want “It”.

Whatever it is, this feels like that right step towards it.

It’s time to boss up Danny. All eyes on you.
— -Danny, December 30th 2015.

(Attached is the unedited screenshot so you know I’m not bullshitting.)

Look out for the next installment of The Coldest Summer in San Francisco. Til next time.


Photo Credit: Danny Sellers