365 Stories, 52 Excuses, 12 Reasons

I have been exposed to this thing called adulthood exactly a year now. I could say what I should not and should have done. But my bad decisions and great decisions are what made this first year out so great! I honestly feel like I am at the point where I can impact lives outside of my peer group. THAT feeling is better than any award you could ever get. When I walked into that office a year ago, I knew life would never be the same, I wouldn't have the same friends, I wouldn't wear the same clothes, even eat the same things.

I think we sometimes lock ourselves in a box. Well, I know we lock ourselves in a box. A mental box that is the toughest boundary ever. Successful people I have seen don’t just get up everyday to survive the day. They get up to attack the day. Even on their worse days. That first year out of school, I had a shotgun approach to things I wanted to do. Somethings worked and some are still in the works. But year two, I feel exponentially more effective because of that. In year two now I am looking to pull the sniper out and get more deliberate and consistent with the things and people I want in my life.

Basics that helped me survive my first year of “Adulting”.

Be selfish; If you don’t have any kids or literal Wife/Husband in your life. Honestly, don’t even think about including people in your plans. Good friends won’t take it personal that you have your interest as your number one priority. Because a real friend wants what is best for you anyway. The sense of relief  I get everyday knowing that the only person I have to make decisions for is me is very calming. People that are really around because they care about you will not leave your side; friends, family, lovers etc. Early 20s are for you and nobody else, treat it as such. Standard deviations to Par is exponential in this time of your life.

Do whats right for you. This first year flew by so damn fast. Don't waste even a year of your life not making a move because of someone else. Don’t let anyone hold you back from your dreams and wants. Pull the trigger and ask questions later within reason. [ Prayer, Research, Faith]

Be an Adult. I have a very Big Boy job. I have very Big Boy problems. I have to make very Big Boy decisions on a daily basis. Sometimes at a moments notice. I am a grown man. I have my family for support, but I don't ask permission for 99.9% of the things I do.  You’re not in college anymore, I think you should act like it.

This is called 365 Stories, 52 Excuses, and 12 Reason not because this is what I have accumulated in one year; Oh no. If you’re really taking chances and living life to its fullest, these sums are calculated by lunch time every day man. I have no regrets about how my first year out of school turned out. Did I make a $100,000 no. Did I Iive in some sky rise apartment overlooking Charlotte’s skyline, hell no. Do I have some fine lady to come home to everyday, not even close. But what I do have is knowledge, heart, life changing experiences and “Nuts”. I have been in houses, events, and tables that I only thought/dreamed I could be at a year ago.

I have learned more about myself in this year than I have in my whole life. Life has pushed me to my breaking point more times than once. But I’m thankful for it because now in year two. I know I will be able to change my life and the people that I care about lives exponentially. Rather than still trying to figure out my limits and tendencies.

Everyday I know my line in the sand. It's up to me to cross it..

Be politely persistent and don’t take anything personal..