Whippin Work

      Avon Barksdale, Rick Ross, Kyle Graham. What do all three of these individuals have in common? We’re all fictional drug kingpins. At least that’s how I feel when I have my headphones on. My affinity toward trap music is no secret, and somedays it can truly be a saving grace. On those dog days when work is burning me out I turn to trap music to help push me through. A few months ago when Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 (affectionately known as DS2) dropped I listened to it every single day (all the way through - no skips) for about three weeks straight. That’s a lot of stick talk. You may be wondering what a young advertising professional is doing listening to that much trap music… but that’s none of your business.

      I grew up in a nice middle class neighborhood in Washington, DC, a far cry from the hoods of my favorite trap rappers. Quick shout out to the Shepherd Park crackhead with the limp. But back to the story at hand! There’s something about trap music that resonates in my soul. Maybe its the booming beats, maybe it’s the grind and determination to “make it” in the lyrics… I truly don’t know. Whatever it is puts me in the zone… it gives me energy.

     As soon as those headphones go, I escape to another world where it’s just me and the booming bass. The outside stressors of the work day are forgotten, and for a moment I’m standing on the corner pushing weight.

    But in reality the corner is a representation of getting my work done. Seemingly complex tasks seem menial. That mountain of unread emails turns into an anthill. I’m able to complete my tasks quickly and efficiently, and in turn take on more responsibilities and projects. I’d almost go as far to say that trap music promotes productivity. (Don’t quote me on that… I’m no doctor).

    If you can listen to music at work I highly suggest it (pending headphones). Press play and let Future, Migos, or the Trap God Gucci Mane take you away to the corner. You’ll thank me for it later.

P.S. Migos x Struggle is classified as gospel music (I don’t care what anyone says)