Why Kanye Offends You

Kanye West is crazy….

Some of the things that Kanye says leave us in disbelief.

Short List:

1.2009 Grammys, “Imma Let You Finish But”

2.“George Bush doesn’t care about black People”

3.Twitter Rant(s)

4. "You ain’t got the answer Sway”

Just to name a few..

Even the diehard fans are stuck thinking “Kanye,lol you wild.Wyd”. Kanye is arguably the most outspoken artist of our time. He has climbed from a young producer with limited lyrics to a true artist that has transcended what it means to be an urban mogul. He is able to expression his vision in a myriad of ways.

If the sample size is only music Kanye has produced, he has more than claimed his seat at the table of the most influential people of the modern era. He has literally held our hand through his musical progression. You can hear College Dropout and be moved by the soulful rhythms and lyrics. Now if you play T.L.O.P, you can hear the trance like sounds while Kanye essentially brags how great he is. A whole other conversation can be had about his clothing and shoe design. “Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman”, is arguably true. It is debatable Kanye had the most desired shoe(s) of 2015 and same could be easily said about 2016.

To be a creator with scalable ideas in our 2D society is essentially unconventional. I really think that is the worst thing ever! We are in the age where people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to college. Then we spend another hundred thousand to go to graduate school, and still have no clear pathway to success. It’s the safety of pieces of paper that are somehow sturdy enough to be crutches to pure success. Now it takes a lot to earn your MBA, Ph.D, J.D., etc. Those letters are something to be extremely proud of, nobody can doubt your effort and even expert knowledge of best practices. But I feel as though Thought Leadership is being left out of life’s textbook for our generation.

There are things we can learn from the seemingly psychopathic like stream of conscious Kanye gives. To understand Kanye’s plight, you have to be in a personal space unconventional to most. We can all agree to disagree if we must. But here are 5 reasons a person would actually think Kanye is TOO outspoken and even offensive.

1.You’ve never created a thing from scratch.

The plight of a creative mind is the façade of the house of new ideas. Creating themes, trends and fundamental ideas are unique exchanges with the universe. We spend decades in school to learn how to take orders from someone else. Being the first to an idea comes with its struggles, like actually having to prove your idea is worth a damn! I’m sorry but there is no thought leadership in memorizing a textbook. In the same breath, I do think that is a piece to the foundation of mastery.

2. The nuts it takes to externalize your idea is huge.

The brainpower it takes to create a tangible thing is nothing short of a blessing from God. Something that a person can consume, feel, touch, read, listen to takes a creator to nirvana. That passion is understood in some of the dialogue spoken by Kanye across his many methods. A creative mind is unconquerable. You too can appreciate these “rants” when you know that there isn’t a lock to a mind like that.

3. You’re comfortable with working a “9-5”, for the majority of your life..

Society teaches us that having a boss is normal. Autonomy is a privilege. That you’re going to work the majority of your life not only making someone else rich but fulfilling their dream. Someone's dream has to be fulfilled, why not make it yours?

4.You’ve never been unapologetically confident about the work you do.

To do crazy things like sacrificing sleep, going into debt, etc are notifications of passion. Unapologetic confidence is needed to prevail in today’s world. With negativity presenting itself on every opened tab of a browser, you can’t waiver on your life’s work. The moment you openly doubt yourself is the moment you’ve lost. We have to speak things into existence!

5.You try to do it yourself.

You never understood how important leveraging people smarter and with more resources than you is. Even if you think so, you aren’t the smartest person in the world. People and platforms is the bridge between good and great.

We can all look at our TL and see people with basic lives rant and rave on a daily. Their life's on repeat like Future at a pregame. Why do we allow people to do this? Ill tell you why, it’s because their platform is so minute that it isn’t worth recognizing. But Kanye has built his platform to such heights than an emoji from his twitter would spark conversations.

“People talk about me so much at barbershops, they forget to get their hair cut.”
— Kanye West


Needless to say, we all do it. The only difference is nobody cares what you have to say. Thought Leadership and self-promotion has allowed Kanye to influence society, for the good or bad. Kanye’s unapologetic passion for HIS art has left undeniable paths to success and creativity. Is Kanye perfect? Hell no. I am saying that his locomotive of thinking is relatable to any person. If you’re a preschool teacher, be the best preschool teacher in the country and create new ways to propel a young mind. If you’re a librarian, think of how the experience of a library can be more pleasant. The examples can go on and on but don’t allow a few quick glimpse into one man’s life deter you from the pure production and trailblazing.

Build your own ideas, work for yourself, leverage others and don’t apologize for being authentic.