Reasons Not To Give Up

By Chinaemeze Okoro

In the bigger image of life, living in this new found crazy and tech savvy world today the life of being a millennial is a hard task to manage and if you’re anything like me you have struggled with the process of trying to figure out what or how you would like to define yourself as.

Speaking from my personal experience, I have found this to be a task that has always seemed to be easy when looking at others but for me was something that was totally nerve racking and nearly drove me insane.  In this time of my life I jumped from one thing to the next attempting to find a comfortable, but also, pushing area where I could place all of my energy. During this time I dealt with the daily battles of trying to figure out the perfect fit for all of my skill sets and how I could eventually turn it all into a task that I would find love in doing.

My best advise for anyone who is currently in this predicament is for you to RELAX.

Yeah trust me, I know it may sound crazy and you may think to yourself “how the heck could I possibly relax at a time like this,” but trust me. I said and felt this same way once I started to do research on how to get over this hump.  And It wasn’t until I started to researching other successful people that I noticed we all had one thing in common………… at some point in their 20’s they were also all, or majority of them, freaked out about what to do next with their lives.

In the countless years of research I’ve conducted, one important factor that I found was that all successful people have similar life lessons and similar actions. So in knowing this, it allowed me to shift my thought process to the point where I started to feel some relief about the whole situation, because now I knew that I wasn’t the only one and that everything would eventually be okay.

Individuals such as Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, and Billy Bob Thornton all shared similar stories of how things were chaotic for them in their 20’s and how they never allowed those things to stop them.

In life I truly feel that it is important that we all realize that the world is much smaller than we think and that we as individuals have much more in common with one another than we believe. So we have to use one another as a helpful way to gain knowledge on how to get out of difficult times.

Every successful person can speak on times where they were completely lost and trying to figure things out. So why wouldn’t we reach out to them as a way to avoid some of the hardships of life.

We also have to take the time to understand that it is blessings in disguise for us to not only know but to also see the life we are destined to have in the future, because for most individuals they don’t reach this type of mindset until there 30’s. It wasn’t until years later and speaking with a number of individuals, I noticed that having this mindset and a dire need to reach your successful standpoint at such a young age was a gift. So in hindsight, we are actually ahead of the game and should be proud of ourselves.

So for anyone who starts to feel like the stress of not knowing the path to their future successful self is too much, and are on the fence about jumping into the regular boring lifestyle that most do, please use this new found knowledge as motivation to continue on. Because with every battle in life comes a better version of you.


Photo Credit: Lee Chapman