Kind Words from Kilo: Yal Hired?

By Kyle Graham

Hey Class of 2016… are you enjoying the post grad life? It’s been well over a month since graduation, and many of you have already started your first real world job. Are you enjoying those new found bills… how about rent? Congratulations on all of your accomplishments up to this point. However, I want to direct this post to another group of graduates. The ones that don’t have their dream job, or don’t even have a job. This is not a post to condemn you, but to lift you up. I want you to realize that your first job doesn’t have to be a home run, nor does it have to be the start to your career.

I graduated from Elon University on May 24, 2014. Three short weeks later I found myself on a plane to Los Angeles... Without a job. For 2 years I had known that LA would be my post grad home, and I looked for jobs before and after graduation, but nothing panned out. Did I worry about it? No. Did I let it stress me out? No. As soon as I got to LA I once again applied on every job site possible. I also started working my Elon connections. One of my Elon friends who knew I was looking offered me the opportunity to interview at her company. Long story short I got the job, and I was super happy…. Mainly because I’d be able to pay my bills and still have a bit of money to turn up and do ratchet things with my friends. Was the job at all ideal? No. Would I be using my expensive Elon education? No. Instead I basically worked in a call center fielding calls for sometimes ornery and rude customers.

I ended up getting comfortable with my daily workflow, and next thing I knew I had been there for 6 months. After talking to my closest advisors (my parents and line brothers) I knew I had to get my ish together and get back to applying to jobs. After several weeks I had an interview, and landed the job. Fast forward almost 1.5 years later I’m still there, and actually using my major!

Now I tell you all of this not to scare you, but to show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stay in your own lane, and try not to compare your progress to that of your peers. Your time to shine will happen in due time. Until then keep pushing and keep your head high.

Photo Credit: Danny Sellers