"Why Not Me?": A Thank You To Kid Cudi

By Torrance Winder 

For those of you who haven’t heard, on Monday October 4th, Kid Cudi checked himself into rehab for depression and having suicidal urges. His incredibly honest and brave Facebook post revealed to the world about his constant and on-going struggle with anxiety and depression, and it couldn’t have been more inspiring. I literally became overwhelmed with emotions and pure hope while reading it. Mental health is a topic that has consistently been glossed over, especially in the black community, and to have someone write about it that reaches so many, was a step in the right direction of its acknowledgment.

Based on the 30,000+ comments, it resonated with so many, including fans, and people who didn’t know how he is. Some of the comments point out specific things he talks about and makes connections and parallels to their own lives. The shame he feels because he can’t be strong for others like he used to be and wants to be. The crippling effects of anxiety that literally stop him from making friends and being able to function in public spaces. Overall fear of what’s to come. Cudi’s post pointed out the reality that ANYBODY can struggle with their mental health no matter how successful they appear to be (RIP Lee Thompson Young aka Jett Jackson). It also pointed out that people will leave comments and say some ignorant shit on a topic they really don’t understand.

As someone who struggles with mental health, I can attest to the lack of education from those around you, that can, honestly, only make matters worse. Out of the THOUSANDS of supportive ones, there are a few comments that only further perpetuate the stigma around mental health. So for those of you who think that medicine is a crutch or that medication will solve it all, or who just simply don’t understand, here are 5 basic things to get the conversation going or could hopefully push you to do some more research.

  • Depression affects the brain’s functioning chemically
  • Not everyone with depression acts the same.
  • There are many levels of severity when it comes to depression.
  • Medication does help, but finding a medication with side effects that don’t also cripple you is sometimes even more overwhelming.
  • Depression doesn’t just go away just because someone is enjoying themselves. It still exists.

    This post was important to so many people, but more importantly, Kid Cudi is going to get the help he deserves and needs.

So to Kid Cudi, (and whoever needs to hear this)...

Brother we stand with you. Your ability to be this vulnerable is inspiring. Rest assured that your bravery to share your story has helped so many people, like myself, to not feel so alone. Take this time to take care of yourself, unapologetically. The healthier you are, the better and more effective you will be able to support those who you love. You can’t be there for everyone and not be there for yourself. You aren’t meant to carry your world and others’ worlds on your shoulder. Never feel ashamed for looking out for you. And yes, you do deserve peace. You do deserve to be happy and smiling. Keep with that pursuit of happiness, it’s obtainable.


A Brother, A Fan, A Supporter



Photo Credit: Lee Champan