Brussels Breakdown

A stream of consciousness from our very own Jasmine Turner during the Brussels attacks last week. Jasmine is a Multimedia Journalist at WECT in Wilmington, NC. Here are her notes as the news comes across her desk...

3:29 AM

The CNN notification comes through.

It reads "There are reports of two explosions at the airport in Brussels, Belgium, according to CNN affiliate VTM."

Explosions.....Two Explosions.

They happened in the departure area of the Brussels airport, and on a subway in the city.

The city was placed on lockdown as the number of those injured and dead continued to rise.

5:52 AM

"At least 13 killed in series of terror attack across Brussels, NBC News reports."

6:09 AM

"At least 23 people have been killed in three explosions in Brussels, Belgium, according to Belgian media."

As the sun started rising on the East Coast, the number of dead rose as well.

11:37 AM

"ISIS claims responsibility for multiple terror attacks in Brussels."

This same attack taking place just days after Salah Abdeslam, the main suspect in the November Paris attacks was arrested.

Later in the day, surveillance video of three suspects, showed them getting out of a taxi. One of the suspects, Ibrahim El Bakraoui was identified, as the terror continued.

Media outlets trying to get up to minute details to let communities know what was happening. National programming continuously interrupted with live reports from Brussels, and all over the world.  A call for prayer, positive thoughts and reflection set the tone for the day as the number of dead rose to over 30. 

260 people in all were injured in the explosions, airports from Miami to LAX, to London heightened security, as back in Brussels, police presence is still heavier than ever.

Two Americans, Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski, brother and sister were among the 31 killed in the explosions.As the days progressed, BBC reported six total arrests for the attacks.

Now days later, social media sites continue to pour out in support of the people of Brussels, showing solidarity, and hoping for peace.