I'll Pencil Me In: The Breaking Point

By Kimberly Edwards

Last month, it just so happened that Tyrice and I had similar trains of thought regarding scheduling “Me Time.” It’s quickly risen to be the most important time of the day.

Inundated with so much work to do, especially with the end of the year approaching and the holidays happening contemporaneously, the synchronization of stress and scheduling is just as melodic as that Mariah Carey Christmas song.

So, if you’ve started to allocate “Me Time,” I ask you – have you hit your plateau yet? In fitness or weight loss, this is the point where no matter how many times you work out, or how many calories you do/don’t consume, your weight simply can’t break a multiple day streak of inactivity.

In other hobbies, it’s the feeling of “I think this is all that I can create/do,” or, “How come it’s not fun anymore?”

If you’re feeling any of these emotions, whether based on a new physical hobby or just emotions experienced in taking on a hobby, you’re not alone.

This happens. But instead of lamenting about how your hobby has lost its luster, or why you even began something new despite everything else going on in the first place, you should take this opportunity to reward yourself.

Reward yourself for working so hard to the point where you feel like you’ve gained knowledge about your hobby, and about yourself.

Let go of the external stressors that can affect your hobby and me time and realize that it’s about wellness and self-understanding: not keeping afloat in the midst of stress.

If you really feel that your new hobby isn’t working for you, then toss it and start over. Life is full of new beginnings. You either find a way to get things done and persevere, or you make a way through working against the grain of your daily life to assure that you come first.


Photo Credit: Lee Chapman