The Sellers Group from this point on will be targeted towards objective solutions to our followers. We want to help set the tone. By sharing what the contributors outlook's are for this site as well as our personal lives. Self auditing ourselves is a great way start to personal growth.

With the first post on this site: we wanted to make sure we set the tone. Young professionals all across the nation come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, high GPAs, and great experience. But what separates the good from the great? The Focus from the Ferrari? The laminate from the marble floor? The difference is fear and the role it plays on your life.

Fear rules us. You can’t get away from it. You can’t control its presenence. What we can control is HOW we let it affect us. It can either fuel you or tame you.

When fear tames you, it can literally cripple your every thought to the point where things that were once your dreams and passions, can be mere thoughts trapped in the depths of your mind like the name of your 4th grade gym teacher. That fire and desire will be reduced to a flame and notion.

When fear fuels you that’s when it is the best drug on earth. It will give you the biggest high you’ve ever felt. Have you ever been chased by a dog as a kid? Remember that feeling you got when you scrambled to clean your room when your mom came home? That’s fear. That same drug should be the thing that drives you everyday, whether it’s on your way to your  senior capstone, internship, first day at work, or after that new promotion. We are talking about the Fear of Failure. Let that fear fuel your wants and desires.

Fear fueled us to start this platform and share all of our fears, thoughts, experiences, and methods. Just think, if one young man let fear tame him. You wouldn’t be reading these words right now.

So with that being said. Congrats, you are all officially a part of the Sellers Group...