Program Objective

It Ties Back started from the idea of wanting to bridge the achievement gap. This is an event series that is focusing on bridging the gap between some of the young men in our region to some of the more affluent men of power and influence in the Chicago.

We are looking for executives [CEOs, Managing Directors, Business Owners, Politicians, etc] to donate new or gently used ties that they simply never use. The Sellers Group in turn will coordinate with youth groups, schools, social clubs and correctional programs to distribute these ties to young men during a targeted workshop in the Chicago area.

Workshop Details

Professional development workshop that will teach young men basic skills to improve their chances to get a job, internship or college acceptance. Intended to be a fun and interactive session that all participants can benefit from. Our platform will leverage current cultural events to articulate critical points in discussion. Main topics of the workshop:

Public speaking, selling and effective communication

Resume building

Awareness of relevant local programs, scholarships, etc.

Dress etiquette

How to tie a tie

College Applications

Social Networking

And more!

Each participant will be able to walk away with a new tie and other take-home items for future reference. While most importantly giving positive role models to kids that might not be much younger than contributors in The Sellers Group.