Making The Podcast

By Danny Sellers/Photo Credit: Danny Sellers

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A lot of people ask me; “Yo your podcast is hilarious”, “Are all of yal in the same city?”, “How do you record your podcast?”. And I typically spend 30 minutes or way too many text messages trying to explain to them the hood rich way we record our podcast. It almost baffles me that there isn’t a one-stop-shop service that allows  hosts in different locations to record a podcast. When I was researching how to record our podcast, I found that there were a few different ways to do so. After hella Google searches and YouTube videos, we finally found a way that works for us.

To spread the podcast love I wanted to spell out exactly how we record our podcast. This isn’t the end all be all but this is what works for us, as we are in two different cities.

Items Needed

  • Two Mac computers
    • GarageBand enabled
    • Facetime enabled
  • Two USB Microphones
    • Iphones headphones also work.
  • A SoundCloud Account


Our whole conversation is had over FaceTime. Kyle and Torrance are in the same location in LA and I am based in Chicago.


Option 1: You can plug your regular iPhone headphones into your computer as your microphone and hear the conversation through the earbuds.

Option 2 (suggested): You can get a USB microphone to record your audio and still plug in your headphones to hear the audio on the other end. (Your input device in Garageband should be your USB Microphone).


To record the actual conversation you will use GarageBand. You will each record separate tracks of your local audio. (I record myself in Chicago while Kyle and Torrance record themselves in LA).

Timeline of events

  1. Kyle and Torrance Facetime me from Kyle’s computer to my computer.
  2. I open up GarageBand and open up a new “Empty Project”. I make sure my input is my USB Microphone and my headphones are plugged into the computer.
  3. We both press record in GarageBand.
  4. I say “Clap on 3. 1,2,3”. We both clap on 3 to sync our audio.
  5. We talk and do the actual show.
  6. We both end recording. Kyle and Torrance send me their GarageBand track via Gmail email. (Their GarageBand track only has them speaking, you can’t hear me speaking because it only recorded what their mic picked up in their room).
  7. I save my recording and share it to my iTunes.
  8. Once I get their email, I open up their GarageBand file. Then I drag my track from iTunes into GarageBand to combine both tracks.
  9. To make sure both tracks are aligned properly, I align the claps from step 4 perfectly so that it sounds like one. At this point, the audio of the overall project will sound just like it did via Facetime.
  10. Once I’m done editing the podcast I save the project and share it to my iTunes.
  11. I open up SoundCloud and upload a new track into SoundCloud.

Things to Note

  • If you’re using headphones as your microphone, make sure your volume isn’t too loud in your ear. If it is too loud, your headphone microphone will pick up feedback from your partner in your recording.
  • It’s worth investing in a quality USB Mic if you choose that route.
  • A free SoundCloud account only allows you so many minutes of recorded audio. You are probably going to want to invest in a premium account to upload unlimited content for a little less than $20 a month.

Hope this helps my people. Once again, check Kyle, Torrance and Myself out on the 9 to 5 podcast every Monday!