True Life: I Have a Month left of College

Congratulations, you've made it past 99% of the blur we call college. But guess what, the reason we go to college isn't to eat Ramen noodles, and wear sweat pants. We go to college to get jobs! Good ones at that. I had endless amounts of fun in college. But as the last month of your childhood approaches. Leaving a lasting impression will be something you and your friends will never forget.


The Sellers Group Guide to your last month in college:

1.Check everything off of your college bucket list. [The items that are legal.]  You've made it this far. Don't ruin it.

2.Jobs: If you already have your offer and have accepted, Congratulations! If you’re like the great majority of college students your resume needs to be your best friend. Make it the best piece of literature saved on your computer. Go to career services more than once. Have successful family members and alumni edit it or help you develop one. I had at least 4 different people specifically look at my resume and make edits. You should make so many edits that you memorize your resume from top to bottom.

3.Job applications: APPLY! When in doubt, apply. Personalize your resume to that job and apply. Nothing should stop you. You should almost have a daily goal for jobs that you apply for. Your workload will be lighten as a second semester senior. So take that hour or so you’d spend studying or in a classroom and apply to jobs. Even if you have an offer, keep looking. Your first job out of college might not be the best fit for you. It will never hurt to have an understanding of what’s available on the job market.

4.Professional Clothes: Get professionally fitted at the closes department store or Joseph A Banks. [Most of these places will do it for free]. So guys, stop buying beer t-shirts and get an extra tie or suit jacket. Ladies, the Uggs can wait. Get a modest professional dress or blouse.

5.Make connections with professors: Use those office hours! This is one thing I did not take advantage of. If they don’t know your name by now, make sure they do. Most professors are willing to be mentors and centers of influence to youth. [ If they didn't, they wouldn't be professors].

6.Interviews and office familiarity: Don’t be nervous. Be prepared to talk about yourself and experiences.  People hire people they like. DON'T be a robot. For those who already have an offer and visit their office. Try and find any other recent college grads that will be in your same training class. It’s going to be a lot easier making the transition when you have another person who is going through the same thing.

7.Grad School: Positive is you have 2-6 more years without worrying about covering all of your overhead. Negative is you’ll still never be around people that are all in your same age group with the same social morals like undergrad. So cherish your circle. Because while you’re still in school possibly accumulating more debt and dealt with limited income for the time being. You’re going to need a couch to crash on when you visit your friends in different cities.

While we all love the lifestyle of college. We must remember why we were there in the first place. Now some industries differ. But for the most part. If you’re behind the ball and this post just gave you an epiphany, its ok . Tomorrow is a new day. If you don't want to have to crash on your parents couch for months after college, the time is now class of 2015!